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We face eve-teasing everywhere. Groping is very common on roads, cinema halls, Malls, Bus stops, local trains and many public places. Most of the time the culprits are not rowdies or influential people. They are common men who think they can get away with this “simple act”. But, unfortunately, they hardly realize how painful and disgusting it is for a woman. They would never do it if they have the fear of getting caught. Most of the woman remain silent in such situations. This is because they just freeze. They might shout if a person runs away with their purse. But, they can hardly speak out when a person touches them inappropriately. This may be due to fear of further molestation, fear of gaining unncessary attention from the public around them, as most women want to remain non-descript or may be due to shock. If a woman shouts whenever she faces such a situation, that man would never dare to repeat the same act with another woman.

A personal safety device would quickly act. Pressing an alarm would attract the attention of others and would freeze the culprit as the public around him would start staring at them. Even though people might not come for help, still the person would panic and would be in mood to assault the lady due to the sound of the alarm as well as the “all eyes on me” fear.

Also wearing a personal safety device visibly might scare the person away even if he has a bad intention. A shop that has CC camera warning is less likely to be robbed. An apartment that has a security guard is less likely to be intruded when compared to an independent house.

Let us protect ourselves. Why should we depend on police? Why should we depend on society? Let us wear these safety devices with pride. More proudly and elegantly than we wear accessories and cosmetics. Let us regret less.