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Technology gave us comfort. I like the technology which will help in making us feel safe, a world free of crime. The police tracking the kidnap of 3 year old child is a story that has to be retold many times. Thanks to all the cc cameras and patience shown by the police to go through them thoroughly to find the child and hand over him safely to his parents.

Human trafficking can be controlled a lot due to the technology of this kind. How nice it would be if there was face recognition in cc cameras and it would scan a face and show all the cameras which have tracked that face during a time period. May be someone is making it.

I am looking to create a safety device which would make it easy for anyone to track their loved ones. One which is easy to carry, can be worn inside, which cannot be seen by anyone, can be accessed by the person immediately.

Crime is committed usually by people who think they will not be caught(especially when they are in sober state). Eve-teasing is seen in city buses, but not in metro trains. Why? Because people with wrong intensions know that there are cc cameras. Hope there will be many cc cameras near bus stops, which used to be an ‘adda’ for eve teasing.

Telangana government’s manifesto this year included their promise towards investing on cc cameras. I was very glad to see that. Hope every political party has the safety measures in their future plans.

It is very important to inform everyone that cc cameras are everywhere. This itself will frighten people and stop crime.

Love the cc camera poster that I saw on a bus stop shelter, Upar wala sab dekh raha hai…. Beware.