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Contact Me @ for participating in this open project

Here are the requirements for Safety Device

  1. The device should stick to the body
  2. It should have three buttons
  1. i) First Press – loud horn
    ii) Second time-pressed – horn off
    iii) Third time-pressed- Information passed to the contacts and nearby police station about location
  1. Should work without internet and mobile phone.
  2. Device dimensions 25mm *25mm* 15mm

1) Low radiation
2) Non-plastic

This is how current prototype works

Measurement : Approx 4.5Cm X 4.5Cm X 2Cm

It has three buttons. One is for raising alarm. Another button switches off the alarm. Third button sends info to contacts fed in the system.

It has provision for inserting GSM sim. This does the job of sending google map location to contacts fed in the system (code available) without internet – when the third button is pressed.

Working towards reducing size to 2cm….


Contact Me @ for participating in this open project