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Let’s all wear this safety device. Instead of blaming the government, the police, or even the drunkards roaming freely on the streets. Imagining ourselves in their shoes is not easy. My anguish is not about the Nirbhaya or Disha who suffered hell before they breathed their last though I do not understand what Karma has to say about it, My anguish is not about their families whose immense pain can never be pacified, my anguish is about the pain of the survivors of gang rape incidents which occur more often these days but do not come to light as neither the survivor nor the family reveal the identity or sometimes never even register a complaint. Let our daughters not face this trauma. Let’s do our best. To start with, let them wear this. And to inspire them, let us wear it. Yes, we too need protection. I ask the moms reading this, can you carry on with your life after such an incident in your life.

Being raped is not a crime. It is only painful because of the mental bringing up of our parents for generations. Somebody has touched me without my consent. How can you say that my honor is lost? Isn’t his honor or character?

Do you think twice before locking your house? Then why do you think whether it is necessary to wear or not to wear a safety device? Make it an integral part of your costume without which you will not leave the house. If everyone does this religiously, this will be fear that you are creating in the hearts of to be rapists.