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When you want to travel the path less travelled

When you are all alone on a journey

When you want to be all by yourself

My anguish

Let's all wear this safety device. Instead of blaming the government, the police, or even the drunkards roaming freely on the streets. Imagining ourselves in their shoes is not easy. My anguish is not about the Nirbhaya or Disha who suffered hell before they breathed...

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How to lessen eve teasing?

I have always felt that a person who bears is the one who encourages. How many of you have seen eve teasing right before your eyes? So many of us hastagged me too. I was just wondering how many of us saw a woman shouting at the person instead of trying to ignore him...

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Every woman should wear a personal safety device to protect herself from eve-teasing. groping and molestation. Many men do not have the intention to hurt a woman. Neither can they tolerate if they are exposed while eve-teasing. It is just fun for them. When they...

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Why we need personal safety device

We face eve-teasing everywhere. Groping is very common on roads, cinema halls, Malls, Bus stops, local trains and many public places. Most of the time the culprits are not rowdies or influential people. They are common men who think they can get away with this "simple...

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Why this blog?

How do you protect yourself from an inappropriate and unwanted touch? Why do we wait for the government and law to do something against the eve-teasing? Why do we speak about morals and respect that a person should have for other person? Why do we expect people to be...

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